Concealer and Foundation Brush Review

Shopping for brushes can be extremely overwhelming and downright a pain in the rump. When I started looking at brushes, I was going to give up and just stick to using my hands until I decided to start doing research and began investing in quality tools to get the absolute best makeup looks. These reviews are here to help you and simplify the hunt for your investment of tools. The brushes are the skeleton, or for a better word, the base of your makeup look. They are a necessity for sanitary reasons and absolute confidence in your look. Knowing you have options is a bonus but not understanding what all these options are can be confusing, and that is why I’m doing these reviews. I do not want you to go through what I went through with looking for brushes. My goal is for this to help you with every option and this be your little bible to brushes.

Concealer Brushes:

Bare Escentuals Maximum Coverage Concealer Brush – I recommend this brush if you’re new to using a concealer brush. You want something easy to use that is going to give you the coverage you need. It is a synthetic, flat, dense, has soft bristles and is curved to fit the contours of the smaller areas of your face. In the past this brush has been the best concealer brush I’ve found. This concealer brush allows for maximum coverage over dark circles, age spots and acne! I usually use this brush more toward events and photo shoots because of the amount of coverage I get from this brush. The dense bristles allow for the ultimate coverage of concealer whenever you may need it. This brush is easy to use and you can take it anywhere with you. I also enjoy using this brush for eye shadow because the brush is flat which allows more product to be spread evenly over the eyes. This brush is photo finish ready.

SEPHORA Pro Airbrush Concealer Brush #57– I recommend this brush for experienced makeup users. Being more complex in design, this brush is a synthetic, round in diameter and domed to create an air brushed affect with your concealer. Also the bristles are soft and less dense then a regular concealer brush. If you decide to use this brush, use it with liquid concealer first to get a hang for its swipes and blending. Being experienced with makeup, you can use this brush for photos or events for a high definition look and love the results. You can buff and blend to have as much or as little coverage as needed. You can take satisfaction knowing your concealer is flawless.

One VS. The Other:

Both of these brushes are going to give you coverage. Bare Minerals Concealer Brush is the best for beginners for the plain reason that it’s simple. This is the brush I learned to conceal with. SEPHORA Pro Airbrush Concealer Brush #57 is just that, for professionals. The brush is designed with the thought of you having a more precise idea in mind and that you are used to the amount of product you want to load your brush with, not to mention where you want to apply it. The Bare Escentuals Maximum Coverage Concealer Brush is going to evenly pick up product and distribute it evenly no matter what. This doesn’t mean you have to be all knowing concealer queen but it does help to have some knowledge and handling with a more simple brush such as the Bare Escentuals Concealer Brush before heading straight to the Sephora Pro Concealer Brush.
Foundation Brushes:

The Foundation Brush is your key to flawless coverage every time. A foundation brush can be found in a variety of different shapes, types, and colors. Certain brushes can leave streaks and can be difficult to blend with and others may not cover fully or evenly. I recommend starting with a simple to use flat, dense and always synthetic brush.Cream foundation, lipstick, blush, and concealers are greasy, so the product won’t absorb into the bristles of a synthetic brush which makes it easier to clean and much more sanitary.

Sephora Pro Foundation Brush #47 – This foundation brush is absolutely perfect for flawless coverage application. This brush is synthetic and is perfect for liquid and cream foundations. This brush is flat and dense and the tapered bristles are aimed at blending in the foundation in the contours of your face. The handle is comfortable to hold and the bristles are soft. I recommend this brush for it’s simplicity, but also because it’s my go to brush for all my makeup work on my clients. It makes my application quick and easy. I have found that starting with a little foundation can help to figure out how much you want to apply to your face. I’ve ruined brushes by putting way too much foundation straight onto the brush. I recommend this brush for first time brush users because of the ease of use. The brush is easy to clean and the handle is large for a good grip for any size hands. You will love this brush because of ease of the application and the foundation lays smooth and even you will have no worries about your complexion all day long.

SEPHORA Pro Stippling Brush #44– This foundation brush will give you a flawless streak free application of your powder foundation. The brushes anatomy is flat and circular in diameter. Its white taklon bristles are used to apply foundation and the black, goat bristles blend! With any brushes that have real bristles, I only recommend using powder because cream and liquid foundations can be absorbed into the natural bristles which, from personal experience and ruining brushes, is extremely hard to clean and can cause infections. With a powder foundation being used with the stippling brush, you will have an easy time cleaning and have a wonderful application each use. Part natural, part synthetic, it’s the perfect blend for a natural look! Grab your favorite powder foundation and this brush will apply it beautifully. This brush is the best for a simple daily look. I love this brush for my “air brush” foundation looks since airbrushes are very costly and this is the perfect alternative. You will enjoy this brush because it is a wonderful beginner brush for perfecting powder foundation and not running into excess powder on your face. The blending will feel and look wonderful for you daily.

One VS. The Other:

SEPHORA Pro Stippling Brush #44 is good for powder foundations when looking for that air brush application or just a soft feel and a light foundation look whether your eye makeup or lipstick is bold or natural. It is easy to clean which keeps you or your clients safe from infection. If you enjoy the light feeling of powder and the outcome of the softness that powder foundation can give but can’t find the right way to apply it, this brush is for you. You cannot get that soft air brushed look with the Sephora Pro Foundation brush with a powder foundation like you can with the Sephora Stippling Brush. You can, however, get the coverage with liquid and cream foundations with the Pro Foundation Brush. It’s easy to use because of it’s simple design, and since it is synthetic the brush is easy to clean and applies liquid and cream foundation effortlessly. I love these brushes and I actually carry both in my makeup kit for clients and have two for my own personal use. Let the makeup brush work for you, not the other way around.


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