Powder/Blush Brushes

Blush Brushes are probably my favorite brushes aesthetically. They are round circular brushes that are extremely soft and the bristles are very bendable. This allows for soft and smooth application of blush or powder. These brushes are specifically made for the convenience of blending. The correct blush brush should pick up an even amount of color and distribute it evenly on the cheeks. But which brush is best for you? Well, here are some reviews for you to take a look at for your options! The nitty gritty details below should point you in the right direction!

SEPHORA COLLECTION Pro Angled Blush Brush #49– This is an angled blush brush. It does not look like your typical blush brush but it is becoming very popular with fellow makeup fans. This is a brush I use in my kit on my clients and personally. I love this brush for the contours of the face with blush or highlights. The brushes slanted circular cut gives you the simplicity in applying a contour shape that you may not naturally have with your cheek bones in a simple sweep or enhance your already prominent features which is why I prefer this brush for personal use because of my lack of prominent cheek bones. This brush is becoming more and more popular with those who are skilled in using the original powder/blush brushes. I recommend purchasing this after giving the original blush brush a go!

SEPHORA COLLECTION Synthetic Powder Brush– This is my “Go To” blush brush for my clients. It helps apply powder, blush, and highlights. Unlike the Angle Brush, this brush allows a soft lay of color on cheeks or a light application of powder after a foundation application. It’s excellent for accentuating the orbital bone with soft beautiful coverage. This brush is convenient for those who are new to using a blush brush. I highly recommend this for first time buyers or those who want an every day powder/blush brush to use.

One VS. the Other

The Angled Blush Brush is going to give you a strong contoured look with more ease than with the use of the rounded blush brush and is beneficial for photo shoots, film or for personal use if you want a more pronounced cheek bone. The Angled brush is fun for seasoned brush users and is my choice in applying my blush. A Rounded Powder/Blush Brush is what I recommend for those who are new to handling and apply blush with a tool. I enjoy the rounded blush brush because it is beneficial for a more natural look, every day use or if your cheek bones are already pronounced and you just want a bit of color added to them. Both are brilliant for highlights on the face and you can expect great results with both!


Sephora Pro Fan Brush #65– This brush is fan shaped to add finishing touches to your work. This brush is meant to swipe away any excess powders or fallout from shadow. It can also be used to redistribute powder that is left over. I love using this brush to apply my highlights on the face during my finishing touches or wipe away fall out from the powder brush i previously used. Many makeup artists keep this in their kit for photoshoots or movies. Not everyone is in need of fan brush but if you want to make sure your makeup has been applied evenly, this is a good brush to have in your brush bag!

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